Learning and Unlearning

The first moment of my awakening took place over a lively debate about fast-food underneath a cloth canopy jutting out among Wadi Rum’s nothingness. Steaming cups of sweet Bedouin tea in hand, there was no air of sophistication, no underlying metaphor to dig up. The question was simply this: Can we, or should we, support […]

Golf + Grit

I fell off the cart so quickly, I barely registered what happened. It was, in many ways, the beginning of the end. I joined the high school’s golf team on a whim. In truth, it was a calculated whim. I wanted a letterman jacket, and if I could get out of school to ride a […]


In many ways, the last night of high school felt exactly like the first. In any stage, liminalities have more commonality than we think. First, there was the high, the exhilaration of the unknown, free from the burden of expectation, full of pure, unadulterated hope for what lies ahead. For some, this stage lasts longer […]

Who owns the trees?

There’s not much I remember from when my grandpa came to live with us in the fifth grade. However, I do recall his restlessness. Back in Cambodia, there are the temples, the monks to give reverence to, the old friends who walk by on their daily stroll, the small spirit house at the edge of […]

The Quiet Miracle

I remember the feeling well. The perfectionist, people-pleasing part of my personality was fighting to have just one more small victory. Just tell them, I told myself. And I so wanted to. It was my sophomore year of college and I had the awkward task of telling my small group I could no longer go […]

The Hope of a Future Song

On January 1, we said yes to forever with each other. On March 24, our city shutdown, effectively saying no to everything else. At the time, we lived nearly 50 miles from each other. In the new world of stay-at-home orders and face masks, it felt like 500 miles. Now barred from going anywhere but […]


God is and has been so gracious to me. He is merciful and kind to reveal himself to me through the Scriptures, through the still small voice of the Holy Spirit, through the words or actions of a stranger. For so long, I’ve been pondering these things in my heart and even writing about them […]

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